This EA contains two modes, automatic and manual mode.

If the price goes against the direction, EA will use the leveling system to increase the position, expecting to rebound or fall back, and profit out.

EA opens orders in a specific direction, so in the unfavorable market situation, it can complete a series of transactions at the lowest price retracement.

If major news happens, you can turn off automatic mode and enable manual trading to reduce risk,by the way, if you only like manual trade,you can buy the NinjaLoveFishManual .

It is recommended to test the EA in the Strategy Tester before using the live account.

A live monitoring of the NinjaLoveFishEA can be found here:


Brokers: ECN brokers, low spread, 1:200+ leverage,
Minimum Deposit: $3000 USD.
EA Settings: Default settings for NZDCAD M5 Period, or other set files.
Symbol: Default(NZDCAD).